This gallery includes images from the feature film DOOM. All of the images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent. Photographs courtesy of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (UK) LTD.

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ALL HANDMADE was employed by Richard Hooper in association with UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (UK) LTD to produce the proto-type weapons for REAPER, SARGE and the B.F.G.

After the basic proto-type fabrication process, manufacture of the 'HERO' weapons moved to an isolated under ground armoury bunker situated near Pinewood Studios.


This image shows the original concept design for REAPER'S gun illustrated by Dan Walker.

This was the original proto-type for REAPER'S gun. The basic model was made from chemical modelling board.

A three dimensional proto-type conveys the true size, weight and texture of an object which is invaluable when it comes to fabricating completely new models for feature films or commercial projects.

A selection of unique bullets were made for SARGE'S character played by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. These bullets were massive compared to regular ammunition and were sadly cut from the final feature.

Close-up of SARGE'S unique bullet.

In order to fabricate the final 'HERO' guns for the feature film, chemical modelling board was used again to create the outer shape of the new weapons over existing, live firing G37 assault rifles. These were then moulded and cast in a hard polyurethane foam/resin and painted with a metal two pack paint system.

The final weapon design with the G37 assault rifle inside the cast shell.

Close-up of the final weapon used by REAPER played by Karl Urban. These pictures show the weapons as they were before the dirtying down process carried out on stage in Prague prior to filming.

All of the weapons were thoroughly tested on the firing range with blank firing ammunition prior to filming.

Each of the weapons carried various lights either in the form of military Mag-Lights housed in the front barrel grip section of the rifle or the L.E.D. units mounted into the sides of the guns.

The final gun used by Karl Urban's REAPER character in the film adaptation of the game DOOM.

Close-up of REAPER'S gun.