This gallery includes images of character based costumes worn by performers for stage shows, television advertising and feature film production. All of the images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent. Photographs concerning the TELETUBBIES are provided courtesy of RAINBOW PRODUCTIONS. Copyright of the TELETUBBIES is owned by RAGDOLL WORLDWIDE LTD.

ALL HANDMADE and RODDY MACDONALD recently completed the design and fabrication of the TELETUBBIES animatronic costume heads for RAINBOW PRODUCTIONS in association with RAGDOLL WORLDWIDE LTD for a new live stage show.

ALL HANDMADE and RODDY MACDONALD completed the fibreglass core heads and designed the cable controlled animatronic movement of the eye blink, nose and mouth mechanisms for each of the four bespoke costume heads.

The final full body costumes of DIPSY and LALA worn by the performers at RAINBOW PRODUCTIONS.

The final full body costumes of TINKY WINKY and PO worn by the performers at RAINBOW PRODUCTIONS.