This gallery includes images from the feature film TOMB RAIDER 2 and a commissioned project via HEAD LONDON. All of the images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent. Photographs courtesy of HEAD LONDON and PARAMOUNT PICTURES.

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ALL HANDMADE was employed by Ramsey Khoury, managing director of HEAD LONDON to design and fabricate a set for an ongoing series of web based pod casts and television broadcasts during the World Cup 2006.

Chris Corbould in association with PARAMOUNT PICTURES employed ALL HANDMADE to work in the special effects department to produce a variety of practical set decorations for Jan De Bont's feature TOMB RAIDER 2, filmed at Pinewood Studios.

The set was designed to be filmed in a range of dramatic lighting all powered by the set itself with little or no additional lighting needed. The set was large enough to create a stage for the 2' tall marionettes situated in the scene but was also small enough to move around and keep in storage if needed at a later date. 

The electro luminescent wire threaded throughout the set creates a stunning light effect during filming on location.

The set in scale with the Sven Goran Eriksson marionette.

One of four break away set pieces designed by Chris Corbould's special effects department for the TOMB RAIDER 2 feature film built on location in the 007 sound stage at Pinewood Studios. The break away walls were rigged to explode from behind after being hit by huge water drop tanks situated above and behind the main set construction.