This gallery includes a selection of privately commissioned casts of hands & feet. The images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent.

Casts of hands and feet have been popular for many years. They are easier and cheaper to produce than larger body casts and make an ideal gift for a loved one. You might choose a family cast, a group of casts ranging from grand parents, parents and children or baby hands and feet to keep as a memorable reminder of their tiny size and perfection. 

The moulding materials are completely safe, the process is quick and the final result will be a lasting reminder for all of the family to enjoy for many years.

The final casts are available in a range of materials including but not limited to:

Cold cast METAL finishes in BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS & IRON 

Cold cast AGGREGATE finishes in MARBLE, SLATE & ONYX

Cold cast RESIN finishes in an almost limitless range of colours

 Lead free PEWTER


 NEW commission for 2018 to make signed handprint tiles of Astronaut's for the National Space Centre in Leicester.

  The Pioneer. A sculpture depicting the first ever (American) 'Space Walk' by Ed White in 1965.

 Instead of clay pressed handprints, alginate moulds were taken to ensure much greater detail was captured for the tiles. 

 Colonel Alfred Merrill "Al" Worden, Command Module Pilot of the 1971 Apollo 15 mission, signing the clay tile for the National Space Centre which was made into a 'Hollywood styled handprint and signature' cast tile for their 'Wall of Fame'.


 This is the original 'Astronaut handprint tile' made for the Space Centre which incorporates the detailed alginate lifecasts of Al Worden's hands instead of a clay pressing.

The overall 'design' had to remain consistent with the existing tiles, I made fewer stars and added a more detailed/stylised moon. The main difference was the lifecast hands with their increased detail and depth which will help protect the negative casts from the weather. I designed and incorporated the stylised 'moon' for the main signature as a separate object to clearly differentiate it from the background tile with the stars.


 Here's the final handprint cast tile. This is a relatively new product in the UK, it's a particular type of high-quality G.F.R.C. (glass fibre reinforced concrete) which can be pigmented. The tile is 59.5cm x 59.5 cm x 4cm and weighs 24kg.


 Mr Worden was promoting his book, 'Falling to Earth' which describes in his own words, the wonder, the challenges, the triumphs and the pitfalls of flying to the moon.


 Private Commission casting a pair of adult feet in a MARBLE finished tile from the cold cast AGGREGATE range.


  Private Commission casting a pair of adult feet in a COPPER finished tile from the cold cast METAL range.


  Private Commission casting a pair of infant feet in a COPPER finished tile from the cold cast METAL range.


   Private Commission casting a pair of infant feet in a COPPER finished tile from the cold cast METAL range.


   Private Commission to cast an adult's hand. This image and the one below shows the detail captured in the initial life casting ALGINATE mould.


  The adult hand is initially cast out in a stone cast material. Tiny imperfections like air bubbles  are removed and the cast is prepared for the next part of the process, the silicone mould. After the silicone mould is made, multiple casts in a vast range of materials can be poured.


  Private Commission to cast an adult's hand and hand print tile in cold cast IRON.


Detail of the adult's hand in cold cast IRON with the bespoke stainless steel bolt fixing.


  Private Commission to cast an adult's hand print tile in cold cast IRON.


  Private Commission to cast this very large adult's hand in foundry BRONZE.


 Private Commission to cast an adult's hand in foundry BRONZE.


Private Commission to cast an adult's hand in cold cast COPPER. 


Cast detailed close-up of the adult's hand in cold cast COPPER.


   Private Commission casting a toddler's singular hand and foot in cold cast IRON.


   Private Commission casting this couple's hands and forearms in foundry BRONZE.

  Private Commission casting multiple pairs of toddler's hands and feet in IRON and PEWTER, available from the cold cast METAL and Lead free PEWTER range.

Private Commission casting a pair of CLEAR ACRYLIC infant hands, available from the cold cast RESIN range.

Private commission to cast another example of a CLEAR ACRYLIC infant hand. The casting material can be tinted in a variety of colours and displayed on a static or revolving light base. The bases are available from the SHOP in the main menu.

As an optional extra: This particular light base has a frosted PERSPEX light diffuser covering the nine super bright white L.E.D.'s

Private Commission casting a toddler's hand in black ONYX and PEWTER, available from the cold cast AGGREGATE and Lead free PEWTER range.

Private Commission casting a pair of infant feet in PEWTER, available from the Lead free PEWTER range.

Many of the casts are available as FRIDGE MAGNETS. This unique feature allows you to keep notes and shopping lists pinned underneath your precious casts and turns them into a useful and decorative item for all to see.

Private Commission casting a pair of un-marked MARBLE ballet shoes, available from the cold cast AGGREGATE range.

The following images are of ALL HANDMADE working in association with CJ Munn at ROCKABELLY LIFECASTS to create a series of hand impressions for the DIET COKE film festival in association with SHELTER.

Photography by Ben Reid

This image shows Nell McAndrew being cast for the film festival.

This image shows Heidi Range from 'The Sugababes' and Liz McClarnon from 'Atomic Kitten' being cast for the film festival.

This image shows Michelle Heaton and Kelly Young from 'Liberty X' being cast for the film festival.

This image shows Tamzin Outhwaite and Kate Thornton being cast for the film festival.

This image shows Natalie Appleton and Nicole Appleton from 'All Saints' being cast for the film festival.

Prices vary as each and every private commission is as unique as the person being cast. Please email me or call the numbers on the contact page in the MENU for more information.