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ALL HANDMADE specializes in the production of partial or full body life casts from either alginate or plaster bandage moulds. The moulding materials for producing a body cast are completely safe, the process takes approximately one hour and will create a stunning work of art. Partial or full body casts can be used for body armour pattern making, prosthetic applications and even mannequin design and fabrication.

The final casts are available in a range of materials including but not limited to:

Cold cast METAL finishes in BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS & IRON 

Cold cast AGGREGATE finishes in MARBLE, SLATE & ONYX

Cold cast RESIN finishes in an almost limitless range of colours

 Natural LEATHER or lead free PEWTER CASTS

Soft POLYURETHANE or SILICONE rubber bodies for stunt or prop use.

André Masters working in association with CJ Munn were commissioned to design and make nine bespoke life size copper sculptures by award winning garden designer Thomas Hoblyn and the Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010. For further information regarding this particular project please go to:

Gaia will be on display and available for purchase at The Fairfax Gallery in Tunbridge Wells, from late March 2011.


Detail of the Gaia torso sculpture.

 The sculptures are made from hand-patinated nano-crystalline copper 300 to 500 microns thick which fully encapsulates a resin core into which the finest quality marine-grade stainless steel armatures have been fixed to facilitate extremely secure mounting of the sculptures for interior or outdoor installations. Limited edition bronze and cold cast resin sculptures are available to buy.

 Close-up detail showing the life like skin texture and beautifully feminine curves of the sculpture. 


Private Commission to make a female torso, taken from a lifecast, remoulded in silicone with a fibreglass jacket and recast in cold cast copper with an antique patina and verdigris finish.


The back of the cast is finished to an equally high standard and made secure for wall mounting.


Patinated copper female torso without verdigris. Private commission. 


Front and back views, patinated copper female torso without verdigris. Private commission.


Hand engraved female torso. Private commission.


 Another patinated copper female torso without verdigris. Private commission.


 Dramatic lighting really shows off the true metallic surface of the patinated copper.


  Patinated copper female torso exhibited at ''The Cube Gallery' in Manchester.

A selection of 'Masters and Munn's'  life casts were being filmed for the SKYARTS programme, 'OBJECTS OF DESIRE' presented by Mariella Frostrup. This intelligent and elegant new series looks at what objects human beings find most desirable and why. 


CJ and I were being interviewed (we discussed our William Morris-inspired collection) and our work featured alongside iconic designer names such as Manolo Blahnik, Wedgewood, Jasper Conran and Hermes.  

  This particular episode, 'For the love of the craft' explores our relationship with desirable hand-                made, custom-designed objects and the timeless inspiration behind our collection.


For more information on the 'William Morris Collection' of sculptures, click on the link below: or make enquiries at: 


More of our life casting work featured on the CHANNEL 4 series SUPERSIZE vs SUPERSKINNY. CJ Munn and I made the life casts above to show the true and accurate physical proportions of the underweight models all suffering from a variety of eating disorders.

The life casts affected the models in different ways and allowed them the opportunity to really see themselves (and even measure themselves for reference) as part of the ongoing treatment which I am very pleased to say, was most successful for the most extreme sufferer of anorexia, Emma Paul (far left) who went on to make a full and incredibly fast recovery in only eighteen months of sustained treatment by dietician Ursula Philpot and consultant psychiatrist Helena Fox. 

Private commission to life cast a couple embracing. The picture above shows the initial stone cast.


This is the final life cast painted with a faux BRONZE finish. 

 Costume mannequin created by ALL HANDMADE for body armour fabrication. A full body alginate mould was taken from model Louise Banks before the casting process.

 Unlike many other life casts, this free standing figure has no external armature. Instead the full body is mounted on steel plates bolted onto the revolving base. The internal armature allows complete freedom to move and work around the figure.  

This full body mannequin cast in silicone rubber was one of thirteen life-like mannequins designed and fabricated by ALL HANDMADE for PUMA AG INTERNATIONAL in association with GREGORY BONNER HALE. The mannequins were used as in store promotional advertising. A selection of both male and female mannequins were produced and shipped to stores in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York, Santa Monica, Tokyo and the Olympic Games in Athens. This is the male installation in AMSTERDAM with the two shop managers.

The final 'Carnaby Street' LONDON female installation made for PUMA AG INTERNATIONAL in association with GREGORY BONNER HALE, winner of the prestigious D&AD AWARD for 'Installations and Digital Media' in the Interactive and Digital Media category.

ALL HANDMADE uses traditional moulding and casting techniques to produce authentic casts in BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS and IRON.

ALL HANDMADE also uses the latest moulding and casting techniques to produce casts in ABS, PLASTAZOTE and CARBON FIBRE.

ALL HANDMADE produced this torso cast for the series 'SAY NO TO THE KNIFE' in association with SILVER RIVER TV for ITV3. The mould was taken and the black ONYX cast was delivered to the set within twelve hours.

ALL HANDMADE working in association with CJ Munn at ROCKABELLY LIFECASTS produced a series of full body life casts for artist SHARON BAKER. The moulds were later used to cast out the life size bread figures which featured in the 'EAT ME' exhibition at the South Bank summer festival in London.

The final bread figure moulded by ALL HANDMADE in association with CJ Munn at ROCKABELLY LIFECASTS. The exhibition was an enormous success and the bread figure was consumed by the general public.

Close-up detail of the bread. Moulded by ALL HANDMADE in association with CJ Munn at ROCKABELLY LIFECASTS.

To find out more about the project, click this link for artist Sharon Baker