This gallery includes images of face and full head casts. The images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent.

The moulding materials for producing a face or full head cast are completely safe, the process is quick and the final cast can be used to create a unique gift for a loved one or a pattern for prosthetic applications and even mask making.

The final casts are available in a range of materials including but not limited to:

Cold cast METAL finishes in BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS & IRON 

Cold cast AGGREGATE finishes in MARBLE, SLATE & ONYX

Cold cast RESIN finishes in an almost limitless range of colours

 Natural LEATHER MASKS or lead free PEWTER CASTS

Soft POLYURETHANE or SILICONE rubber heads for stunt or prop use.

The process begins with moulding the models face or full head in alginate. An interface material is applied to the outer surface of the alginate as it sets. Soaked plaster bandage is then layed over the interface material to create a two piece jacket mould. As soon as the plaster jacket is hard enough the mould is removed. The whole process takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and most people find the experience surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable.

Once the mould making process is complete, the face or full head can be cast out in a variety of different materials.

This full head cast in silicone rubber was one of thirteen life-like mannequins designed and fabricated by ALL HANDMADE for PUMA AG INTERNATIONAL in association with GREGORY BONNER HALE. The mannequins were used as in store promotional advertising. A selection of both male and female mannequins were produced and shipped to stores in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York, Santa Monica, Tokyo and the Olympic Games in Athens.

The final 'New York' silicone mannequin head made for PUMA AG INTERNATIONAL in association with GREGORY BONNER HALE, winner of the prestigious D&AD AWARD for 'Installations and Digital Media' in the Interactive and Digital Media category.

The final silicone head cast is incredibly life-like as this close-up image illustrates. The silicone skin is brought to life using layers of subtle translucent paint giving the depth and realism of living flesh without the loss of detail and texture. The detailed and intricate hair punching, cast acrylic eyes and clothing all add to the final appearance.

This was a full head (including shoulders) cast in stone. Although this initial cast did capture the client's hair and eyebrows, eyelashes etc, I had already removed the eyebrows and eyelashes in preparation for the following process pictured below.


This was the final stone bust, with the eyes open, as requested by the client. Careful attention is made to reproduce the subtle creases and wrinkles, details etc that are present in both open or closed eye casts. Reference photographs are also required for accuracy.

ALL HANDMADE can provide a life cast bust for prosthetic design, armour, pattern making or simply as a gift for a loved one. This full head cast is finished in cold cast BRONZE.


This face cast was commissioned as the main theme/part of a whole family handprint tile. This large 'Circle of life' was created as an initial stone cast which was moulded in silicone rubber and fibreglass before being cast out in cold cast copper.


 Close-up detail of the cold cast copper face centrepiece.


Private Commission to complete this full head cast in a faux BRONZE finish.


 ALL HANDMADE working in association with ROCKABELLY life casts was commissioned by THE FIRE & IRON GALLERY to make the head of the AMESBURY ARCHER. The image above shows the initial three quarter life cast with open eyes cast in a stone cast material. 

 ALL HANDMADE made several versions of the head in different materials. The one above is a cold cast COPPER finish from the METAL range of materials.


 The back of the head cast utilised two separate wall fixing methods to make installation easier and more practical. Basic key hole fixings were made as a permanent solution with additional rare earth magnets which could be bolted into position, creating a flush fitting and snap on/pull off fixing for this wall mounted version of the head cast. 

The main figurative sculpture was made using ancient wrought iron work techniques combined with a vibrant, dynamic and contemporary design. The final AMESBURY ARCHER head cast was made from sand cast ALUMINIUM and was chased and finished by ALL HANDMADE.

ALL HANDMADE was employed by PASSION PICTURES to make a bespoke 'pull on' full head mask for a suit performer to wear during the shooting for a UNITED AIRLINES commercial. The project involved, taking an initial life cast of the suit performer, sculpting the mask over the life cast, mould making, casting, hair work, final paint & finish and set application.


Private Commission to make bespoke nose and lip casts in a lead free PEWTER finish. 


Private commissions to make 'Valentine's Kiss Casts' have been very popular. The cast above was made into a pendant although other options included fridge magnets, key rings and broaches.


The 'Kiss Casts' were packaged up and sent out on recorded delivery in time for Valentine's Day. 

ALL HANDMADE was employed by Timothy McKenzie, AKA singer/song writer 'LABRINTH'  to make this bespoke life cast gift of his nose. The brief from the client was to make the cast as life like as possible. The original life cast was taken at his recording studio in London and the final cast was made from silicone rubber which was tinted with translucent pigments.


Private commission. Another example of a full head cast. This bust is cast in a stone finish.

Private commission. Close-up of a LEATHER blind mask. 

Prosthetic make-up research and development.

ALL HANDMADE can offer prosthetic make-up design, fabrication and application services.

Prosthetic make-up research and development.

False teeth, foam latex, silicone and gelatine appliances are available.

Please email me or call the numbers on the contact page in the MENU for more information.


ALL HANDMADE working in association with CJ Munn at ROCKABELLY LIFECASTS have been commissioned to produce this very limited edition white marble/onyx and resin sculpture for the C.A.L.M. Charity Comedy Event at the Clapham Grand in London.

The 'Comedy & Misery' masks entitled 'Second Chance' will be auctioned off during the charity event.


The cast is supported by two powerful rare earth magnets which stop the cast from rotating on it's axis and keeps it secured to the steel mounting plate. The cast is signed by both artists. 

For more information about C.A.L.M. and the comedy event, click the following link: