ALL HANDMADE provides a complete life casting service including:

Pregnant Belly casts

Baby hands & feet

Face & full head casts

Partial & full body casts

Pre-operative and post operative casts

Death casts

Animal casts

Life casting tuition

Questions & Answers

Question: What is the mould made from?

Answer: ALL HANDMADE uses a non toxic moulding compound called ALGINATE to create the first generation mould. Life casting ALGINATE is similar to dental ALGINATE used to take dental impressions but without the added colouring and flavouring which might cause discomfort if placed directly over large areas of skin. The ALGINATE powder is mixed with water to create a thick creamy custard consistency.

Question: Do you always use ALGINATE?

Answer: Not always. Depending on the size of the cast, it is possible to use plaster bandage directly over the skin. The model is covered in cold cream which acts as a release agent and barrier between the skin and the surface of the mould.

Question: How long does the mould making process take?

Answer: Each mould is unique. On average a baby hand or foot takes a few minutes to mould compared to an adult head which takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Partial or full body casts can take up to an hour.

Question: How do you cast a baby's hand or foot?

Answer: With great difficulty! Unfortunately you can not explain the moulding process to a baby and therefore there will always be tears and waving of limbs. . .then I'll get around to trying to cast the baby! Over many years I have developed a system which allows a mould to be taken with the least amount of fuss although it's never guaranteed how the cast will come out. If the baby wants to open it's hand, it'll open. . . if it doesn't. . .it doesn't.

Question: Where is the mould made?

Answer: The original first generation ALGINATE mould can be taken at the workshop facility or at the client's residence. It is advisable to check my availability before visiting the workshop.

Question: Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

Answer: Absolutely. In many cases it's advisable to bring a friend or family member. Life casting is a truly unique experience and having someone familiar there with you makes the whole process far more enjoyable for everyone.

Question: What materials can I choose from, for my cast?

Answer: ALL HANDMADE casts are available in but not limited to:

Cold cast METAL finishes in BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS & IRON

Cold cast AGGREGATE finishes in MARBLE, SLATE & ONYX

Cold cast RESIN in an almost limitless range of colours

Natural LEATHER or lead free PEWTER


It is also possible to make casts out of BREAD, ICE, JELLY and CHOCOLATE so if you have an idea in mind and it's not on the list, give me a call.

Question: Can you supply a base or stand for my cast?

Answer: Hand made bases are available in a range of different materials and designs including but not limited to:


Question: How long will I have to wait until my cast is finished?

Answer: The time necessary to complete the cast depends on the size of the mould, the material being cast and the deadline you set for the piece.

Shorter deadlines will incur higher prices.

On average a small cast may be available in a few days. Larger pieces and full bodies may take several weeks.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: I do not supply a uniform price list. Each and every life cast is unique and therefore each and every life cast is priced up separately. Please enquire about prices for your particular cast.

For any and all other enquiries, for more information, to make an appointment or to enquire about a price estimate, please contact me via the contact page in the MENU.