This gallery includes images of glove puppets for live action performance and commercial advertising. The images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent.

ALL HANDMADE designed and fabricated two caricatured glove puppets for John Lithgow. The project began by illustrating the basic caricature. Image courtesy of THE PUPPET FACTORY.

Due to the large scale of the puppets a three dimensional marquette was sculpted for design approval. This marquette was then used to scale up the two larger clay sculptures. Image courtesy of THE PUPPET FACTORY.

The two clay sculptures had to convey different expressions. They were then photographed side by side and viewed in black & white. This makes it easier to identify and correct any differences in the sculptures proportions. After this process the sculptures are moulded. Image courtesy of THE PUPPET FACTORY.

The two caricatured John Lithgow glove puppets were finally cast out of foam latex. Image courtesy of THE PUPPET FACTORY.

After the sculpting and mould making phase, All HANDMADE produced all of the foam latex skins, glove puppet fabrication and on set maintenance and repair for NOGA COMMUNICATIONS in Israel. Image courtesy of THE PUPPET FACTORY.


In an effort to provide the highest quality resource for all types of puppet making information I am in the process of writing several books which will cover stop frame animation puppet design and fabrication in addition to marionettes and glove puppets. 


My 'Glove Puppet Book' includes the most regularly used puppet head patterns most puppet makers are familiar with and how to make patterns for a vast range of bespoke body shapes as well as the most efficient ways of making hands, arms and props for any type of hand controlled, cable operated or animatronic puppets.  


There are tutorials based on prop making with specific guidelines, tips and tricks which will streamline your puppet making production process and make the entire project cost and time effective as well as enjoyable for beginners and seasoned puppet making pros!


 Anyone picking up this book will quickly learn the basic techniques to break down complex three dimensional forms in to flat sheet patterns and assemble them in a clean and efficient way using basic and inexpensive tools and materials. 


The books are full of my hand drawn illustrations and concept designs aimed at beginners so parents can actively learn and build puppets for and with their children in addition to a higher technical level aimed at graduate students wishing to make industry professional puppets.   


Each stage of the puppet making process is clearly illustrated by artwork or photographs. 


Each book describes the necessary tools, materials and fabrication methods used for each individual production process so you can choose which method is most cost and time effective for your budget and time scale.


There are also different levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced students wishing to learn the full range of puppet making methods progressively, building up your portfolio with increasingly advanced fabrication techniques. 


The books illustrate simple hand operated or cable controlled puppets as well as more complex radio controlled autonomous puppets for display or audience participation. 


In addition to the overall fabrication techniques and materials used I also discuss the final 'finish' of the puppets.  


This includes detailed information on various painting techniques, whether clothes need to be made in order to dress the puppets or cover them in a variety of fur fabrics or other materials.  


To find out more about the book and other puppet making projects sign up to my You Tube Channel at :